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     Author Alice Rose Stefani brings Bruce Mines to life flawlessly and makes it a breathing, changing part of her story.
     ...Writing in the first person and in epistolary form, the author has created a vicarious journy to an idyllic place near the shores of beautiful Lake Huron, in Bruce Mines, Ontario.

     Ten Good Years, set in the Great Lakes region of Northern Ontario, Canada, documents the first ten years in the life of a newly married couple separated in age by some thirty years -- Jayne a young teacher from the U.S., and George, a retired veterinarian from Canada.

     If you need a special hand made gift for a friend or family member that will last for several years, then you should consider making pomanders. Pomanders "were widely used in England during the Elizabethan and Victorian periods at Christmas and New Years. They were supposed to bring good luck to all who receive them as gifts." However, pomanders are not just for the holiday season. They provide a sense of warmth and cheer all year long. You can find directions for making pomanders in Ten Good Years.



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